Saving America: Recovering America’s Conservative Heritage and Traditional Values by John Wood


Because we have seen firsthand the utter devastation that will
accrue to us and our country when the government, especially
the federal government, becomes heavily involved in education, I
believe that we must be extremely vigilant to ensure this can never, ever
happen in our new West America.

Some readers no doubt assume that I don’t want the government
to have anything to do with education whatsoever, but that is not correct.
I don’t want the federal government having anything to do with
education. There must be a provision spelled out in our new Constitution
to prevent the federal government from ever sticking its nose into
any form of education in regard to the general public in West America.

The only involvement I want the government to have in regard to
schools and education must be kept strictly at the state and local levels.
The only thing the state and local governments can ever be allowed to
do in regard to education is this one singular thing: They must provide
voucher funding for private, parochial, and home schools with
absolutely no strings attached to them except for subversion and other
such un-West American activities on the part of anyone involved.

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