Excerpt from “INTRODUCTION”

Saving America: Recovering America’s Conservative Heritage and Traditional Values by John Wood

Excerpt from “INTRODUCTION”:

They say that history always repeats itself. During America’s
founding, the Colonists first separated themselves from the
British mainland and from the king of England. Then, on July 4, 1776,
they divorced themselves from the king.

There were many reasons the colonists decided they had to terminate
their relationship with the king. Some of the reasons they
cited in the Declaration of Independence included his taxes imposed on
them without their consent, his constant meddling into their affairs,
his oppressive regulations, his disregard for the wishes of the people,
and refusal to lift his tyrannical control over the colonists. This
sounds eerily similar to today’s kings, who are located not in England,
but in Washington, DC and liberal statehouses around our
country. Like they say, history always repeats itself.

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