John Wood on his new book

Saving America: Recovering America’s Conservative Heritage and Traditional Values by John Wood

John Wood on his new book:

“Within the pages of this book, I believe that I have the one and only workable solution that will solve the seemingly unsolvable problems that we conservative and Christian Americans are facing with our country and the radicals who are busy transforming it into another failed socialist/communist state.”

“I believe this book contains the one and only way short of a civil war to get the America of old back on course and heading in the right direction again, and to permanently stop its oppressors’ never ending assaults on it.”

Question and Thoughts to Ponder

Saving America: Recovering America’s Conservative Heritage and Traditional Values by John Wood

Question and Thoughts to Ponder:

Question: Without a counter revolution and/or radical change taking place, what do you think the probability is of not just stopping, but reversing the liberal/socialist/communist takeover of America over the past 80+ years? I think zero.

I don’t care who or what political party is in power from now on: be it Republican, Independent, or anything else. It’s too late for easy and/or conventional fixes to repair what is wrong with America. What conservatives need is a New Beginning without cancerous leftists, liberals, socialists, and communists leading them and the country astray and to destruction. There have been many people who have tried to stem these cancers that are spreading like wildfire in America and the world, yet all their attempts have failed miserably. Despite their efforts, these malignancies have only continued to spread and worsen.

It’s like they say: “Tough problems require tough solutions” and “strong maladies require strong medicine.” Easy, painless, and conventional measures have not and will not work against liberalism, Socialism, Communism, and the rest of their evil ilk. It’s that simple: the proof is in the failed results. My plan to save conservative and Christian America from what the malignant cancerous ones have in store for it and us is not going to be easy and painless; but nothing worthwhile ever is. However, it will work if implemented.